The Korean girl next door

During my 2 year tenure in 신월동, I had the unfortunate experience of living in close proximity to my mother’s best friend and her family. Their daughter’s name was 김해리 (might have misspelled it), and she was in the same grade as me. As kids often do, I dubbed her 해파리 (jellyfish), which stuck quite well in school. Perhaps the pressure from the adults was a dissuading factor, but I had zero interest in getting to know her. Whenever my mother went to drink or hang out at her friend’s place, I was dragged along by force.

One of the nights, I walked in on 해리’s mom getting undressed. This was the first time that I saw bare boobs. There was a brief, awkward moment of silence until all hell was unleashed. She got upset and started telling my mother that I was some sort of pervert. I argued that I simply wanted to in the room to play computer games, as I regularly did when I went to their place. Further, I stated that she shouldn’t have left the door open when changing. I still think that my defense was sound. Although, I probably shouldn’t have said that I had no interest in looking at a shriveled, old woman in the nude.

During the chaos, 해리 even chimed in and said I should be interested in people our age. Thirsty bitch. It made sense as to why she randomly showed up to outings with my friends, uninvited. Maybe I was just being overdramatic, but her having a crush on me annoyed the hell out of me. I went out of my way to be mean to her and spread rumors about how much she sucked.

I’m still not sure why I was so spiteful. I heard she recently got married; hope all is well with her.


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